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I hope you enjoy the ideas in this month's Staffing Points. If you'd like to discuss any of them in more detail--or if you'd like to do a little proactive planning for your upcoming staffing needs--please email me at


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FEATURE STORY: Staffing for Profit

Can staffing really make a difference in the profitability of your team?

That depends. If you think of staffing as just fill-in contractors, the answer is probably no. But, if you take a good look at your projects and plans for this year--and then take a strategic look at your staffing function--you'll probably find significant opportunity to reduce labor costs and enhance productivity.

Want to see how?

Click here for a brief article called "Staffing for Profit." It offers 12 specific ideas for using staffing to enhance the bottom line of your organization.

Best of our Blog

We hope you've had a chance to visit our new blog at In case you've missed it, we wanted to share some of our newest entries:

Using Temporary Employees to Drive Profits: A Case Study

Ways To Eliminate Negative Thinking

UNITEMP Goes Green

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